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Experience a fishing journey with us where you can enjoy while contributing to science and nature for as low as RM800!

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About ReeFish

ReeFish was born out of a dream that hopes to contribute to a better future for our next generations. We have a dream that the pursuit of angling should not only be fun AND extractive. Instead why not make it fun and contributing towards the better understanding of marine life and hence better stewardship of our seas. Anglers love fishing and they love the sea. We know true anglers will want their children and their grandchildren to be given the opportunity to enjoy the same.

Help Our Dream Come True-- 

Visit the Citizen Science Page where anglers can contribute photos of their catch for scientific data collection to be used in an effort to build a sustainable future for recreational fishing.

Are you an angler and wants to contribute your knowledge and opinion? Fill in this survey form and help us gain more insights!


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