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Common Fish in Sabah

Species Identification

Fishes listed on this website are caught by angling in the waters of Sabah.

kerapu bebeh, seck pan 2.png

Epinephelus sexfasciatus

Local name: Ikan Kerapu bebeh, seck pan

Common name: Sixbar Grouper, Garoupa

kerapu cicak.png

Epinephelus quoyanus

Local name: Ikan Kerapu cicak, Ikan kerapu tukul, seck pan

Common name: Longfin Grouper

kerapu bintik bulat_edited.png

Epinephelus areolatus

Local name: Ikan Kerapu Bintik Bulat, seck pan

Common name: Areolate Grouper

Blacktip kerapu.png

Epinephelus fasciatus

Local name: Ikan Kerapu Sirip Hitam, Kerapu Merah, Kerapu Merah Bokek

Common name: Blacktip Grouper

More coming soon..

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